DIY Project: Dollhouse Chair Jewelry Tree

My jewelry is scattered everywhere across my dresser. I wanted to find a way to organize  it that was was both cute and functional. My cousin told me about this website . The blogger of this website showcases a ton of DIY projects that are amazing and easy to do.

My DIY project of the week is this beautiful Dollhouse Chair Jewelry Tree showcased on the blog.

The inspiration for this DIY comes from Urban Outfitters:

Inspiration for the DIY Project

I purchased my supplies for this project at my local Hobby Lobby and Michaels Store. Both stores have coupons for 40% off one item this week, so you can save even more money by using the coupons on the individual dollhouse chairs, paint, or hot glue gun. Here’s the link for  Michaels’ coupon and Hobby Lobby’s coupon. I didn’t purchase spray paint for the project. Instead, I decided to paint them individually using Acrylic paint on sale at Michaels for a $1 for 3(2 oz bottles).

Have fun doing this project! I hope mine looks like the final product on the blog.

As always, Happy Shopping!


2 thoughts on “DIY Project: Dollhouse Chair Jewelry Tree

  1. Thanks for sharing this project – can’t wait to see your finished product! I also suspect you are an Eat, Pray, Love fan… am I right?

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