The Weekender

While planning for some overnight trips this month, I realized that I needed a weekender bag. I normally pack in a bulky, rolling suitcase, but I wanted something smaller that I could either stash in the car or in the overhead bin of a plane. I was inspired by some of my fashion icons luggage choices:

I really loved the print on Rachel Bilson’s LeSportsac weekender.

Here are my picks for cute, functional overnight bags that won’t break the bank:

  • Baroque Allrounder Duffles by Reisenthel: I purchase this bag  at The Container Store on sale for only $19.99  for the small size. I love it. It holds enough clothes and toiletries for at least 3 days, and I could even pack my shoes.  My favorite part about the bag is the doctor bag style opening and the beautiful print.

  • Embark Overnight Bag- Blue (18″): I spotted this bag at my local Target store for only $24.99 It’s currently sold out online, but you can check to see if your Target has it in stock. I really like the blue color of the bag, but I think my favorite things are the external pockets. The print is super cute.

Product Image Embark Overnight Bag - Blue (18")

  • Contour Bowling Bag: If you’re looking for a more traditional or rounder piece of luggage, then this is the piece for you. I spotted this at The Container Store too for $29.99. I love the rounded shape and print. This bag may look tiny, but in person, it was huge and roomy.

At less than $30, grab one of these bags to pack for your Memorial Weekend getaway!

As always, Happy Shopping!


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