Inspiration from the movie Bridesmaids

I watched the movie Bridesmaids with some friends, and we all fell in love with Kristen Wiig’s style in the film. The movie itself was pretty funny and I recommend watching it if you’re ever in need of a good laugh.

Kristen Wiig’s style in the film is simple and chic. She pairs her cute dresses with tailored blazer. I really love this look for the summer. I already own a black boyfriend blazer, but after watching the film, I’m coveting one in either navy or gray.
Here are my picks for the perfect blazer:

  • Gap Shrunken Blazer: I love these Gap Blazers. They come in either gray or navy. It’s on sale for $73.50, but I found it cheaper in store for $69.99 with an additional 40% off. I tried on the blazer and I love the fit of the blazer. I didn’t purchase it yet, because my store still had a ton left in my size and I figured it would be mark down again soon. ** Update: Purchased this Blazer in Navy at my local Gap for only $24.99 + tax!!  It was marked down to $41.99 + additional 40% off**
  • Macy’s Jou Jou Jacket Boyfriend Blazer: This blazer comes in black, gray, and a light gray color. It’s on sale for $26.99 online, but you can check to see if your local Macy’s has it in stock. My favorite thing about this blazer is the striped lining that peeks out when you roll up the sleeves.
  • Apostrophe Women’s Boyfriend Career Jacket: This blazer is a steal at only $15.99 online, though I’m not sure if the sleeve roll up. It comes in both a navy and taupe color. Blazer is Sold Out
  • Forever 21 Ruched 3/4 Linen Blazer: If you don’t like the feel or bulkiness of a rolled-up sleeve, than get this 3/4 sleeve blazer from Forever 21. You can purchase it online for $27.80 or go to your local store and see if you can find it. I love the side ruching of the sleeves.

In my opinion, blazers are the perfect accessory. They can dress-up an outfit in an instant. I especially love boyfriend blazers, because I love rolling up the sleeves to show of the gorgeous lining.
As always, Happy Shopping!


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