DIY Make-Up Brush Holder

I used to have my make-up brushes laying around everywhere on the counter space of my sink. When I was shopping at Sephora, I noticed how they organized their make-up brushes in containers with beads that held the brushes in place. I love how how neat it looked and decided to make one myself.

It costs me less than $10 and was so simple to make.


  • Glass Vase: The number of brushes in your collection will help you decide which vase to get. I purchased my vase at Z Gallerie on sale for $4.99. You can either add decoration or just keep it plain. This week at Hobby Lobby, glassware is on sale for 50%. This square vase would only be $4.50, and this round vase would only be $2.
  • Small Pellets: These pellets can be found at your craft store in either the stuffed animal section or floral arrangement vase filler section. Hobby Lobby has these Plastic Pellets for $3.99. I purchased my poly-pellets at Michaels and there’s a coupon this week for 50% off any one item. I purchased the large size bag which I believe is around 2lbs. If you have extras, you can always make more vases to give as gifts or use them for painting brushes too.


  • Wash the glass vase and then decorate it however you see fit.
  • Fill it with the small pellets
  • Add your brushes and now you have a beautiful brush holder.

If you know a makeup junkie, this would be a wonderful and easy gift to make. Is there another way you organize your make-up brushes?

As always, Happy Shopping!


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