5 Beauty Bargains under $5

Still on the hunt for a job, I have to look for bargains that are both useful and effective. These products are well-made and won’t hurt your wallet. At under $5 each, you can stock up on these items.

  • Elf Make-up Brush: At only $1, these brushes are durable and effective. You can find these brushes at your local Target or Krogers store. There are a variety of brushes ranging from face to eyes.
  • Revlon Mini Curler: I can’t use a normal eyelash curler. I usually poke my eye with it.  Yet, this mini curler is perfect for me. This travel eyelash curler does the job just as effectively as a normal curler. At only $4.49, you can put one in your make-up bag at home and on the go.

  • Japonesque Beauty Fixation: These little swabs are super useful in make-up emergencies. There are five different options: makeup remover, nail polish touch-up, pre-tweeze treatment, tinted lip conditioner, and cuticle conditioner. These retail at only $4.99.

  • Johnson’s No More Tangles Spray: I love this spray. It makes my hair soft and gets rid of any tangles I might have. It retail for $3.99, and the spray lasts for quite a while.

  • Aquaphor Ointment: My dermatologist recommended these to me. I use it for everything ranging from chapped lips to little nicks on my legs to dry patches. The ointment will moisturize your skin almost immediately. I love the 2-pack because I love that the tubes are easy to stick in my purse or pocket. These retail for $4.50 or less depending on the store.


What are your go-to beauty bargain?


Happy Shopping!



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