DIY: Floral Sash Belt

I recently purchased a solid cotton dress and wanted to add some glamour to it. I saw this belt on J.Crew and figured it would be the perfect thing to add. Unfortunately, the price, $45.00, was way out of my budget. I decided to make my own floral sash belt.


  • 2 yards of Ribbon: I chose a black satin ribbon with a width of 7/8″, You can visit your local craft store to see which color and width works best for you. There are also different types of material for the ribbon. I preferred the smoothness of the satin ribbon compared to grosgrain ribbon. The ribbon cost me less than $2 at Michael’s with a 40% coupon.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Floral Accessory: I purchased a floral barrette from Ross that I liked for only $3.50. Hobby Lobby has many options that you can pick from all under $5, plus you can even use a 40% off coupon on it to save even more money.


  • Tie the ribbon around yourself and mark it where you want the floral accessory to be if you don’t want the flower to be in the center. If you want it in the center of the sash, than just fold the ribbon in half and dot the center point.
  • Separate the Flower away from the barrette or stem that it’s connected to.
  • Apply hot glue on the the base of the flower and attach it to the ribbon. Press it for 10 seconds. Glue on any other flowers you may want to add to the sash. I kept mine to one, because I preferred a simpler design.
  • Now you have a beautiful floral sash to wear.

Here’s my final product:

How do you add instant glamour to an outfit?


Happy Shopping!


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