Preppy Inspiration

My inspiration for this season. I’m in a preppy mood for the summer! It’s probably because I’ve been reading True Prep by Lisa Birnbach. It’s a hilarious guide about the lifestyle of preps.

(L-R: Ray Ban Wayfarers, Sperry’s Ad, Harvard University, Polo Match with Prince Harry and William, Hamptons, Polo Shirts, NYC, Boat Shoes, The Romantic’s Cast in J.Crew)

I wish my closet was filled with clothes from a J.Crew catalog. I always coveted the Preppy lifestyle of attending Ivy Leagues, vacationing in the Hamptons,and sailing out in the sea which is probably why I watch Gossip Girl. While my life this summer won’t be like the characters of Gossip Girl, I plan to add touches of prep to my clothes through accessories and prints such as argyle.

Do you love or hate the preppy style?

As always, Happy Shopping


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