Banking on Change

I used to hate spare change. It made my purse/pocket heavier, and I hated the fact that I had to count it out. My feelings for loose change have now done a complete 180. I watched the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth, and what caught my eye was the fact that Brendan Fraser’s character had so many jars of coins in house that it was enough money to buy a plane ticket to Iceland last minute.

After that, I bought a jar with my university’s logo during college and started to fill it with coins. My roommate did the same thing, and we were about to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at the end of the semester. Once I graduated, I received an adorable piggy bank from a friend. Everyday since then, I would empty my pockets/purse of the coins and feed it into the bank. I empty my piggy bank every three months and either deposit the money or buy myself something pretty. I recently used my spare change to purchase a jacket I’ve been wanting.

Here are 3 cute Piggy Banks so that you can start banking on your loose change:

  • Old Navy Piggy Banks: The store doesn’t sell piggy banks online, but you can check out the different designs in store. I believe they retail for $5-$6. I love the super cute hula piggy.
  • Chalk Fund Piggy Bank: Use this piggy bank and write your goal on it. Seeing it everyday will encourage you to save more money! This bank can be found at Target and retails for $9.99.
  • BUD Posh Piggy Bank: This bank has cute polka dots on it and is a beautiful blue color. It’s on sale at Amazon for $6.99

If you don’t want to buy a piggy bank, an easy solution to store your loose change is the jars that items like pasta sauce or jam come in. Just clean the jar, remove the wrapping, decorate it how you see fit like with a ribbon, and voila- a coin bank.

Also, if you don’t like to count coins, find a CoinStar near you to do it for you. It provides free coin counting, and if you redeem it there for a gift card such as Starbucks or Amazon, it doesn’t charge you a fee.

Do you save your loose change?
As always, Happy Shopping!



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