Fascinating Fascinators

Update on the job hunt: So I didn’t get the job I wanted and was completely bummed out about it. If you know anyone hiring a marketing grad with a minor in political science, I would truly appreciate it!

Now, on to the blog post:

The Royal Ascot began this week, and it is an amazing time of fashion, tradition, pageantry, and more. The Royal Ascot is a racecourse, where people watch and bet on gorgeous race horses. In the midst of it all is the amazing fashion and style showcased by both the men and women. According to their website, “It’s the centerpiece of the British social calendar,”. Whenever I hear the Royal Ascot, I can’t help but think of My Fair Lady, where Audrey Hepburn’s character causes quite a scene and so many beautiful outfits are showcased:

My favorite thing about the fashion are the hats also known as fascinators. These are truly works of art. Some are gorgeous, while others are just downright kooky.

Model Anneka Tanaka-Svenska
Men in Top Hats


Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

Here are my picks of 3 simple and beautiful fascinators:

  • Mod Cloth Hat a Great Time: I love that the hat is in the shape of a miniature top hat. It’s super adorable and the veil adds a bit of a vintage touch to it. It retails for $17.99
  • Pill Box Fascinator with Arrow Head Detail: This is a beautiful pill box fascinator. The design is chic and elegant and it’s on sale for $25.86. The best thing about ASOS is free shipping!
  • Statement Netted Corsage Fascinator: The flower on this corsage is gorgeous. It can come off a bit zany, but it depends on the occasion. It’s also from ASOS which means free shipping and it’s on sale for $18.96.

Would you wear a fascinator?

As always, Happy Shopping!


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