Review: Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips, Legs and Body

I hate shaving my legs. I’m super clumsy so I end up with little nicks all over my legs. I was reading a magazine, and I saw an ad for Veet’s Ready to Use Wax Strips

Rating: 4/5 Stars

I was skeptical at first of the product, but after reading some reviews I decided to give it a try. It retails for $9.99 and you can get a coupon online to save $3 from the Veet website.


  • It actually pulls out hair. It’s already been a week, and my arm is still so smooth. I plan to use it on my legs next.
  • It didn’t irritate my skin at all. I have super dry skin and was worried that I would get some irritation, but my arms seem to be fine.
  • The price is awesome. You get 40 strips for only $9.99, but I found it cheaper at both Wal-Mart and Amazon for $8.
  • It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I just pulled the strip quickly and barely felt a sting.


  • The instructions are horrible! It states to rub the strips between your hands to warm it up, but it doesn’t work. I just ended up with a huge sticky mess. Instead, I put the wax strips next a lit light bulb for about 15-20 seconds. Some people have recommended using a blow dryer. The wax was warm and worked better. It was able to actually wax my legs instead of just creating a sticky mess.
  • You only get 6 finishing wipes to get rid of the excess wipes. The first time I used this, I had wax all over my legs that soap and water couldn’t get off. I used the wipes fairly quickly, but I found that Baby oil works wonders and gets rid of the wax.
  • The strips are huge. The size of the strips were too large for me, so I ended cutting it up in to smaller strips.

Overall: I recommend purchasing this product if you want to save some money and not go to a salon to wax. It works well, but it takes practice using the strips. It can get messy at first so have some baby oil on hand to help clean up the mess.
What other hair removal methods do you recommend?

As always, Happy Shopping!


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