Amazing Free iTunes Apps

I love going to an Apple Store and using the equipment to play with all the different apps. Apps are super fun, but some of them are so expensive and require paying more money just to update it.

Here are 5 Free iTunes Apps that I love to use:

  • Use Your Handwriting: This app is so much fun! It’s perfect if you have kids or you’re a kid at heart. It’s basically a handwriting app where you can write lists or doodle pictures using your finger as the pen. I love that the background is black and the words/pictures come out in pretty neon colors. Plus, you can organize the colors into certain subjects such as a to-do list, make a sign for someone at a graduation, or a journal.
  • Net-A-Porter Magazine: Every fashionista needs this app. If you love the website, then you’ll love this app. Each week the app releases a brand new magazine with spotlights on various designers, fashion week, and trends. I love that the ad in the magazine are interactive.
  • iBooks: It comes standard on the iPads, but I don’t know if it does on the iPods. This app is great for bookworms and students. I love that you can read PDF files through this app. In addition, picture books are in beautiful, vibrant colors! My favorite part about the app is that old classic books from Austen to Dickers are absolutely FREE! So if you want to catch-up on the classics, download this app immediately.
  • Restaurant Story: These games are so addicting. There’s so many variety such as a bakery one, but I like restaurant story more. The premise of the game is that you own  a little restaurant and must keep your customers satisfied by cooking them food all the time. The food such as lobster or steak is cooked in real time. So if it states that it takes 15mins to wait, you actually have to wait 15 minutes until you can serve it. Some food takes as long as 2 days! I was addicted to this game when I first got it and was constantly checking to make sure I didn’t overcook the food and end up with unhappy customers.
  • GetGlue: You have to create an account at, but it’s totally worth it. GetGlue is an online community for you to check-in on the latest entertainment and earn rewards like free stickers or chances to win free tickets. I’m super excited that they’re doing a partnership with the Harry Potter movies, because the stickers are so cute!

What are some free apps that you recommend?

As always, Happy Shopping!


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