DIY: CD Cases Frame

Need to update your wall decorations? This cool and trendy DIY is simple to do and costs less than $15. All you need are empty standard CD cases  and beautiful pictures to create this beautiful display of art:


This DIY comes from the Sunset website.


  • CD Jewel Cases
  • Pictures
  • Cardboard or Foam
  • Sticky Tack or some sort of adhesive for the wall


  • Grab a number of empty CD jewel cases that you want to use for your new wall decoration. If you don’t have any, you can purchase some online from OfficeMax for $9.99 for 25.
  • Remove the plastic middle of the CD jewel case.
  • Trim and add your picture to the frame.
  • Add the cardboard/foam to help back the picture and close the case.
  • Add the sticky tack or wall adhesive and organize your new frames to the wall

How do you decorate your walls?

As always, Happy Shopping!




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