35 Outfits under $35, #7

It’s finally summertime which means lazy days out in the sun.

This week’s outfit can be worn from lazying around in the house with friends to a fun beach bonfire at night.

  • J.Crew Factory Gabriella Dress: This dress can be found at your local J.Crew Factory Outlet or online at the J.Crew factory site Fri-Sun. It’s on sale for $24.99, but I found it cheaper at the store for $19.99. I love the array of colors this dress comes in. I own one in a blue color that I can easily accessorize. I added a black floral sash to mine and a long necklace. You can either DIY or purchase a floral sash. How ever you choose to accessorize it, this dress will flatter you!

  • ALDO JUETT: These are just plain white wedges to wear with this dress. At only $6.99, these wedges are a steal and will match perfectly with any casual outfit you wear.

  • Luxe Beaded Necklace: Just add a necklace and you’re good to go. This necklace is only $2.80 and comes in three colors from Forever 21.

Total Cost for This Week’s Outfit:

$24.99 + $6.99 + $2.80= $34.78

What’s your favorite dress to wear on a lazy summer day?

As always, Happy Shopping!



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