Lovely Long Necklaces

I used to not wear long necklaces. My jewelry of choice would be silver pendants with cute little charms like hearts and stars. After spotting so many cute long necklaces, I decided to purchase some to add to my wardrobe.

Reese Witherspoon


Vanessa Hudgens


I’m glad I decided to follow this trend. I love wearing  long necklaces. It adds a bit elegance and charm to my work outfits. Previously, they looked dull and boring, but now the necklaces add some flair to my button down shirts!

Here are 4 beautiful long necklaces to add to your wardrobe:

  • J.Crew Factory Enamel Link Necklace: I can’t wait for it to be Friday, so that I can get this necklace from the J.Crew Factory website. It’s on clearance for only $14.99 and I love the simplicity of the links. It comes in two colors, but I prefer the ivory one.
  • Forever 21 Bridal Shower Necklace: At only $3.80, you could buy all three colors. I love that the beads are actually rosettes which adds a romantic touch to the necklace.
  • LC Lauren Conrad Long Necklace: I’m a big fan of Lauren Conrad’s fashion line at Kohl’s. Her products are quite well made and trendy.  This necklace is part of her line and is on sale for $18.00. I love the green beads in the middle. It adds an unexpected touch to the necklace.
  • Gogo Philip Chain Link Necklace: This necklace is on sale from ASOS at a price of only $8.62. I love ASOS because it’s free shipping all the time! I love how colorful these necklaces are and look similar to the ones sold at J.Crew.

Do you wear long necklaces with your everyday outfit?

As always, Happy Shopping!


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