DIY: Feather Extensions

Feather extensions can be seen everywhere now. I love how it adds instant color to your hair.

Hilary Duff
Miley Cyrus

I went to a carnival recently, and one of the booths was to get feather extensions. As I was watching the lady do it, I realized how simple and easy it was to do. Why should you pay so much when you can diy for a fraction of the cost?


  • Feathers– I purchased my bag of feathers at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. There’s so many different colors, so pick ones that you liked and check to length to make sure their at least 2″ long.  Plus, you can save additional cash with a Hobby Lobby coupon, which changes weekly! You can also go to sporting /fishing stores to look for the long rooster saddle feathers that are used in salons.
  • Hair Extension Beads: I purchased my beads from Sally Beauty which retails for $14.99, but you can get discounted for $12.99 if you’re a member of the Sally Beauty Club. If you join the club, it costs $5, but you get your $5 right back in the form of a coupon. In addition, the beads come in an array of colors to match your hair color. If there’s no Sally by you, try searching on Etsy.
  • Hair Extension Bead Threader: This tool will make adding the hair extension bead so much easier. I purchased mine from Etsy for only $1.25, not including shipping. I received it within 5 days and the product makes feather extensions so much easier to do.
  • Pliers


  • Pick out your feathers
  • Add bead to the long end of the Hair Extension Bead Threader

  • Put a small section of hair that you want to put the extension in through the loop side of the Threader.

  • Push the bead to the end of the loop, and your hair should now be in the bead

  • Add your feathers into the bead

  • With the pliers, crimp the bead close so that the feathers will stay locked in the hair.

  • Now you have a beautiful feather extension in your hair! Enjoy!


Will you be sporting this trend of feather extensions?

As always, Happy Shopping!



2 thoughts on “DIY: Feather Extensions

  1. As long as you don’t yank the extension when you’re showering, it’ll be fine. If the feather’s wet and looks droopy, just fluff it and it’ll air dry fluffy. In addition, just be careful when you brush your hair. I hope it comes out well for you!

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