Sephora Beauty in a Box Sets

Sephora has recently introduced an array of new gift sets that won’t hurt your wallet. Priced at only $10, you can pick from array of sets that best match your make-up needs and each set comes with a tutorial to help you achieve the perfect look. I’ll be stocking up on some to give as gifts. Plus, don’t forget you can earn points for free stuff as a Sephora Beauty Insider!

  • Perfect Brow: Have messy and unruly eyebrows? This set will help tame and groom them into perfection.

  • Smoky Eyes: I could never perfect the look of smoky eyes, but with this step by step kit, hopefully I can achieve it! It comes in a Brown Smoky Eye  or Purple Smoky Eye set if you want to try the traditional smoky eye in a new color.

  • Natural Eye: I love the look of the natural eye. It’s so soft and light to wear to the office daily.

  • Summer Goddess Palette: If you want the look of the perfect summer glow, then this palette will be for you. It’ll help you achieve the look of the perfect bronzed glow.

  • Brush Set: If you don’t own any makeup brushes yet, then this will be the perfect set to start with. It includes all of the essentials of eyeshadow, powder, and foundation. Even if you already own brushes, this could be perfect for a travel set.


Are you planning to get one of these sets?

As always, Happy Shopping!




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