35 Outfits under $35, #8

It’s Harry Potter weekend!!! Are you going to see it? I went to the Midnight premiere and it was so worth the wait at the theatre. This week’s outfit is inspired by Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

It might be to warm to wear this outfit now, but come fall it’s perfect to wear on a crisp day.The layering on the outfit is just perfect.

  • Fab Knit Cami: A basic tank to start with that retails for only $2.50 at Forever 21.
  • SJB Active Terry Jacket: The next part of the layer, a plain terry hoodie. I think the color of Rockin Rose was the best match to Hermione’s jacket. It’s on sale from JcPenney for $5.99.

  • Faded Glory Denim Jacket: The last piece, a classic denim jacket. This denim jacket is on sale from Walmart for $18.

  • Arizona Skinny Jean: A pair of skinny jeans to match. It’s on sale for only $7.99.


I couldn’t get a glimpse of the shoes, so just pair it with a cute pair of sneakers or boots!


$2.50 + $5.99 + $18 + $7.99= $34.48

Have a magical weekend!

As always, Happy Shopping!


One thought on “35 Outfits under $35, #8

  1. Okay I don’t want to sound like a total dork but I’m practically hyperventilating over your blog–I can’t believe you got that look for under $35! I mean, there are so many parts! And who wouldn’t want to look like Hermione Granger?? I mean, seriously!!

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