Essentials for DIY & Craft Projects

I’ve started to do a lot of do-it-yourself projects now that I have the time. When doing my projects, I realize there are certain things that I’m constantly using over and over again.

Here are my 4 essentials for arts and crafts projects:

  • Hot Glue Gun: Every household needs one of these. At Hobby Lobby, they retail for $2.99 and come in two different temperature options: high and low. I own the high gun for about a year and it works pretty well. I do have to re-glue at times when dealing with paper, but other than that it’s held well for fabrics and wood. High is recommended to bond materials like wood and if you don’t mind working with a higher temp. Low is recommended to bond materials like fabric and if you have small children running around since it melts the glue at a lower temp. There’s also a coupon this week to save an extra 40% off.

  • Xyron 150 Create-A-Sticker Machine: I love this machine. It’s so simple to use and only retails for $9.99 at Hobby Lobby plus you can use a coupon to save more money on it too. I love that it makes my ribbons or die-cuts in to stickers without the mess. There’s different sizes, but I find the 150 X design works for me since most of the items I use have a width of less than 1.5in.

  • X-acto Knife: A simple knife to cut through various thin materials when a pair of scissors won’t do the job. I like to use this knife to cut out circles or other odd shapes. This one retails for $6.40 from Amazon.

  • Tool Kit: This one retails for $11.81 and can be purchased from Amazon. Every household needs a tool set. It has everything you’ll ever need from hammers to pliers to screwdrivers for all of your do-it-yourself needs.


What are your Do-it-Yourself/Craft essentials?

As always, Happy Shopping!
On a side note, I will now be posting only 3 times a week on : Mon, Wed, and Fri.




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