35 Outfits under $35, #9

Sorry for the late post! It was quite a busy day today. This week’s outfit is in honor of J.Crew’s amazing sale this weekend! It’s free shipping plus an additional 40% off online only, so do take advantage of it if you’re fan of the store. The promo code is LOVEIT.

  • Thessaly Beach Dress: A fun and light-weight beach dress to wear to dinner and for a walk on the pier. I love how light this dress looks and the cut. It comes in many different color on sale for $39.99/$49.99 depending on the color. With the additional discount, it’s only: $23.99/$29.99.

  • Skinny Classic Flip-Flops: On sale for either $7.99/$9, these flips flops will complement your dress. With the additional discount, they’ll only be: $4.79/$5.99 depending on the color.



$29.99 + $4.79= $34.78

Will you be taking advantage of this sale?

As always, Happy Shopping!



4 thoughts on “35 Outfits under $35, #9

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m a college student, also on a budget so finding this was like a godsend. I LOVE that dress–it’s so pretty and definitely affordable. I will definitely be subscribing 🙂


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