DIY: Emergency Fashion Kit

Have you ever experienced a fashion emergency? I do all the time. At one of my formals, I didn’t use fashion tape, and I had to keep pulling my dress up constantly. Throughout these various experiences, I have put together a fashion kit that I keep in my car/purse.

If you don’t have the time to make one, I found this kit at Sephora to be pretty amazing:

If you do have the tiem to make one, here are the items I find to be extremely useful in a fashion emergency:

  • Kushyfoot Flats to Go: I love these emergency flats. At only $10, these flats are worth the price. I own a pair and even wear them as my flats for work.
  • Hollywood Fashion Tape: This fashion tape works wonder. If you’re ever wearing a plugging neckline or strapless gown, just use a piece of fashion tape and you won’t have to worry.
  • Emergency Sewing Kit: These kits can be found at Target or Walmart in the travel section for less than $2. These kits will have everything you need from needle and thread to safety pins.
  • Clear Nail Polish: If you ever have a tear in your panty hose, a swipe of clear nail polish will be a quick fix until you can get a new pair.
  • Band-aids: For any ouchies you may incur.
  • Safety Pins: It doesn’t hurt to have extra. These retail for $2.29 from Walgreens.
  • Shout Wipes: These are such lifesavers. I use them for constantly to remove stains on shirts, pants, and even on my purse. It really works. They usually retails for 4 sheets for $1.
  • Colgate Wisp: I love these miniature, disposable toothbrush. If you want a quick touch-up after dinner or before an interview, just use one of these to clean your mouth. I love the whitening one and usually find these at my local grocery store $1 for 2 toothbrush.

Just put these items in a cute travel/make-up bag to take with you on the go!

As always, Happy Shopping!



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