5 Closet Organization Necessities Under $5

My closet organization is slowly coming along, but the parts that are organized look awesome!

While organizing my closet, here are five items that I found useful in my organization, and all under $5:

  • Target Room Essentials Shoe Boxes  – 5 pack shoebox set, on sale for $4.74. These are great to store your shoes in. I’ve been putting my shoes in them and sticking a label on the outside. I love that they stack so easily and Target sells them in array of colors so you can even color coordinate the lids to match the type of shoes.



  • Over the door Hooks: I love using these hooks on my door. My favorite are the valet kind where you can hang multiple items on one hook over your door. I use these hooks to hang dresses and plan out outfits. The ones I purchased aren’t online, but it’s a set of 2 valets for $4, plus you can use a Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon to save 20%. The hooks shown here are the traditional hooks priced at $2.99.

  • Hanger Strips:Since the wooden hangers at Ikea have no grips,  these strips create a grip like feature to the hangers. At only $1.99, you get a set of 12. In addition, if you sign-up for The Container Store’s e-mail, you’ll receive a coupon for 10% off your entire purchase.


  • Renuzit Aroma Adjuster, Super Odor Eliminator: These odor eliminators are a cheap way to freshen your closet. It costs under $1, and last for around a month. The scent is a bit minty, but it does take away any bad smells you may have.


  • Garment Bags:These are great to protect suits and dresses. You can find some at your local dollar store, but I like paying a little more and getting the ones with breathable fabric like these ones listed. Their currently on sale at target.com for $3.84 for a set of two.



I hope these items help you with your organizations.

As always,  Happy Shopping!





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