Golden Tote June 2014 Review

I finally received my June Golden Tote!  It took a while since one of the items was delayed,but it was worth the wait.

How it works: There’s two types of bags to choose from. The $49 bag lets you select one item, and you receive an additional one to two items as a surprise. The $149 bag lets you select two items, and you receive an additional five to seven items as a surprise. In addition, Golden Tote just introduced the “Surprise” Tote. For $99, you’ll receive a mix of 4/5 surprise items. Sometimes the surprise items are better than the chosen items.

Cost: $49/$149 plus shipping

In addition, you can add-on items during the first week if you don’t want to buy multiple totes.

This month I did one big tote.

Here’s what I received:

  • Abstract Dot Maxi: This item was super popular in April, and came back in June. After seeing so many pictures of it, I decided to take the plunge and get it as chosen item. I love the mint color and the dress is comfy. It sort of hits me at an unflattering spot, but I’m going to keep it and in hopes that it’ll fit me perfectly once I lose those 10 extra pounds.

abstract dot maxi

  • Etched Print Top: I love the look of this top, and was excited that it could work as a work top. Once I got it, it was too tight to wear, so that was a bit of a bummer. Other than that, it’s a cute top and had to go in the FSOT pile.


  • Fantastic Fawn Printed Dress: This was one of the surprise items this month. At first, I was iffy on the print after seeing the pretty teal ikat one, but then it’s starting to grow on me. My favorite thing about this dress is the pockets!


  • Hem & Thread Crochet Tank: This tank is cute, but not for me. It went in the FSOT pile.

Crochet Tank

  • Priddy Slouchy Pants: These pants are so comfy. They’re like fancy sweat pants. I received the all black pair, and now I want the printed ones too.

puella slouchy pants

  • Porridge Nautical Top: I love the rope print, but not the fit of the top. It was a bit too low for me, but if i put a tank underneath, it should work.

Nautical Top

Overall, this tote was pretty successful on the surprise item front.

If you’re interested, you can sign up here! This will help me get a discount off my next tote!

As always, Happy Shopping!



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