Five Faves This Week

This week at work has been super busy, but these five things made up for it!

  • McDonald’s Sweethearts Plush – These things are adorable. You get them when your order a Happy Meal at Mcdonald’s as your toy. I want them all to make a cute Valentine’s Day garland.


  • Ugg Leather Gloves – I love the pretty cognac color of these gloves. They were on sale at Dillards for 40% off along with all of their other cold weather accessories likes scarves, earmuffs, jackets, etc… It’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen Ugg products.


  • French Toast Crunch Cereal – They’re back! I was so excited to finally find them back on the shelves!

french toast

  • Monogrammed Pillows: My pillowcases came in, and I love the monograms on it. It gives it such a personal and luxurious touch, plus it was free to monogram, so why not?

pillow cases

  • “Dry Here” Towel: I found this towel while shopping at Pottery Barn. It’s adorable to add to any bathroom as a guest towel.

dry here

As always, happy shopping!


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