Five Faves #3

I can’t believe it’s already March, but that means the RODEO is finally here in town. I can’t wait to dust off my boots!

batman stamps

  • Batman Stamps: I was ordering some stamps for work, and I stumbled upon these. They’re fun to use and I’m sure it’ll bring a smile to your recipient’s face when they see  Batman on it! They’re also the same price as regular stamps, so why buy boring ones when you can get quirky ones.

  • Framebridge: I’m glad Facebook had this as  a “suggested” site for me. I can now finally find affordable custom framing. Prices start at $39 , but it goes up to $169 for an extra large frame. The price includes shipping, framing, matting, and printing a picture if requested. Also, they do Instagram prints, and do adorable ones with Heart Shaped mats, called Heartstagrams.

heart earrings

  • Austrian Crystal Earrings: Sally’s Beauty Supply sells the pretty Austrian Crystal earrings for less than $7. There are a bunch of different desgin, and each one is made with Austrian crystals. I love that they’re hypo-allergenic, and so far I haven’t had any reaction to them as I normally do if earrings aren’t sterling silver.


  • Gelly Roll Pens: I forgot how much fun it was to use Gel Pens. I’ve decided to pickup scrap-booking again, and I realized I need some pens to doodle with. The best way to purchase is these is at your local Hobby Lobby or Michael’s with a 40% off coupon. These pens can get expensive, so why not use a coupon if you can .

taylor swift red

  • Taylor Swift & Peter Max “Red” Poster: After I went to my first Art Auction on a Cruise, I love the paint style of Peter Max. After researching more about him, I found that he did some paintings of Taylor Swift’s album cover. I picked the RED one as it was my favorite album. I wanted the one with all 4 albums, but it was sold out. I bought these during the “13 Days of Taylor” so it was 40% off. I’m hoping they go on sale again this year, so I can get all of them.

As always, Happy Shopping!



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