Buckstaff Bath House Review

I had the pleasure of visiting Hot Springs, AR and visiting Buckstaff Bath House. It was great to experience a part of history that was so popular in the 20s.


Buckstaff is located on historic Bath House Row in Downtown Hot Springs. I wanted the most authentic experience, so I chose to go with Buckstaff. They offer different types of services, and I went with the Whirlpool Mineral Bath. They’re only open at certain hours, so you want to make sure you get there early in order to ensure a spot.

The Whirlpool Mineral Bath consists of the following:

  • Tub Bath :This was relaxing. You sit in a tub soaking in the mineral water from the Hot Springs. They also have bubbles so it was really soothing. Towards the end of the bath, one of the attendants comes in and scrubs you down with a loofah . My skin felt really great after this.
  • Hot Pack: This was my favorite part of the whole experience. Your attendant brings you over to lie down on a bed and places hot towels, drenched in the mineral water, on areas that need attention. I asked to do my lower back and feet. It felt so nice, and I didn’t want to move on from it.
  • Vapor Cabinet: the cabinet was basically a metal steam room that you sit in and your head sticks out of it. I could only do it for a few minutes, before I felt like passing out from the heat.
  • Sitz Bath: This was an interested tub. It’s basically a chair that you sit in, and you just soak your bottom in it. It was nice, but after a while I wanted to move on.
  • Needle Shower: I wish I had this shower head. You’re in a shower and sprayed in all directions that it feels like a massage on your body. You only get to be in it for a few minutes, before you have to move-on.

If I come back to Hot Springs, I plan to do this again. It was a nice relaxing treat, and costs less than a massage.  Plus, my skin felt really great after it!

Would you go to a bath house?

As always, Happy Shopping!



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