Disney Pin Trading

On my recent trip to Orlando, my sisters and I participated in Disney’s Pin Trading. It was a really fun experience that allowed us to interact with some Disney Cast Members and collect unique souvenirs. We’re looking forward to doing it again, the next time we visit Disney. Prior to the the trip, I had a vague idea of pin trading due to reading some Disney Boards/Blogs, but I thought it was pretty expensive. Typically, pins can retail at around $8+, and a starter set including a lanyard starts at $20+.

Luckily, we stopped at the Disney Character Warehouse in one of the Orlando outlets, before venturing to Disney World. We were able to snag a 2015 Pin Starter set (1 lanyard and 4 pins) for $10. My sister also purchase a set of 2015 Pins for $15, which gave us around 3 more pins each to trade.

Below is my pin collection: I’m a big fan of Pooh, so I tried to collect as many cute Pooh pins as I could.

Disney Pins
My Pins!

The steps for Disney Pin Trading is pretty easy:

  1. Meet a Disney Cast Member wearing a lanyard or other pin accessory with trading pins.
  2. See if there’s a pin on their lanyard with your favorite Disney character/icon/ride/etc… that you would like to trade for.
  3. Trade your Disney pin with them.

Here are my tips on Pin Trading:

  • Visit the Disney Character Warehouse before heading over to the parks. – We were lucky that we were able to find such great deals on trading pins, especially a starter set.  Plus, if you’re in need of some pins, they’re usually marked at least 50% off retail. This is a great way to get some pins that you can use later to trade for the ones you want.
  • Buy From Ebay, but beware of counterfeits and fakes. – If you know beforehand that you’re going to Disney, see if you can find some cheaper pins on Ebay. Just make sure that the seller is selling authentic Disney pins. Do some research before purchasing, as a Cast Member won’t trade you if your pin is a fake.  This seller sells a lot of 25 pins for $50 which equates to around $2 a pin. The seller is one of the recommended Ebay sellers from some of the Disney Boards. It might seem pricey, but if you’re splitting it with others, it’s much cheaper than buying a few sets at the Disney Parks. Also,you can  use any lanyard to stick your pins. I recommend it be at least 1″ – 1.5″ wide as some of these pins are bulky.
  • Pick a Theme – Picking a theme beforehand, such as your favorite character like I did with Pooh, will allow you to focus on collecting that one collection of pins. This will save you some money as you’re not trying to collect everything (ie: needing more pins to trade), and trading only when you see a pin for your theme.
  • Don’t Expect to Trade for Exclusive Pins: If there’s an exclusive pin, like the ones from Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas, go ahead and purchase it. It’s very unlikely that a Cast Member will have this pin for you to trade. It’s better to just purchase it, and spend more time enjoying the Park, than trying to find a Cast Member with your pin.

Most importantly, Have Fun! Pin trading was pretty cool, because I can look back at some of the pins and remember where I was when I traded for it. If you’re looking for a unique Disney souvenir, consider Pin Trading.  It might be better than getting a t-shirt, as you can use it again later when going back to Disney. The pins also work great as push pins for a cork board!

Do you participate in Disney’s Pin Trading?

As always, Happy Shopping!




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