Lush Holiday Favorites

Every year after Christmas, I look forward to Lush’s BOGO sale on their holiday items. I was introduced to Lush a few years ago from a friend on my birthday. Lush products are all handmade products and the company’s famous for their bath bombs. I’ve actually never tried one before, but I am a fan of all of their other products, especially shower jellies and massage bars.

Below are my favorite items included in their annual Buy One, Get One Free sale: Some of these products may be sold out online, but check out your local store. They’ve also been doing restocks online periodically, so maybe you’ll get lucky.

  • Christingle Body Conditioner: This is my first time trying their body conditioner, and so far so good. My skin is so smooth and I like the cool feeling on my skin when I stop out of the shower. I might stock up on this product, as the cooling sensation is a great way to beat the summer heat.


  • Buche de Noel Facial Cleanser: Ever since I found out about Lush’s annual BOGO sale, I make sure i try to stock up on this facial cleanser. I love that it’s all natural ingredients and my skin always fills so clean and smooth after use. It does get a little bit messy to use through, but it’s worth it! I tend to refrigerate mine so it lasts longer.

Bûche de Noël

  • Santa’s Belly or Snowman: Lush’s shower jellies are one of my favorite items. They’re so much fun to play with and such a unique concept. I always stick mine in the fridge so that it feels so cool and refreshing to use. You just need a small amount to squish and lather with it. Plus, their jellies always have a special surprise like glitter.

Santa's Belly

  • Santa’s Lip Scrub: Unfortunately, my lips tend to get dry and flaky this time of year. This lip scrub works wonder, plus I love the fact that it’s cola flavor. It does stain things red though, so be careful when trying to remove it. My other favorite flavors are the Popcorn and  Mint one.

Santa's Lip Scrub

These are a few of my favorite thing. I hope next year, there will be a Christmas theme massage bar!

Do you use Lush Products?

As always, Happy Shopping!



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