Cancun Trip Recap

I got to start 2016 off with a bang by attending a bachelorette party in Cancun! Even though it was a quick trip,  we were able to do a bunch of stuff.

Me cancun
ME Cancun

We stayed at the ME Cancun, which is an all-inclusive resort, on the main strip of hotels and resorts. I went to Cancun in August, and this resort was a bit different than the one I had previously stayed at. For starters, it was completely air-conditioned, which was nice. Service was okay, as I usually had to find a waiter or bar in order to get a drink, but the staff was always friendly.  The resort was “all-inclusive”, but it didn’t include everything as some food/drinks were not included. I loved the infinity pool as it had a gorgeous view of the ocean. The food was good, especially the hibachi. I unfortunately didn’t get to try all of the restaurants as I didn’t have enough time.

me room
Hotel Room

We went to CoCo BONGO, which was a fun experience. If you ever visit Cancun, I totally recommend going to CoCo Bongo at least once. It’s both a live show and dance party all in one. It is a bit pricey, but the price does include alcohol.

coco bongo
CoCo Bongo

We also went to Xplor Cancun which is a fun experience. I was able to go zip-lining, for the first time, and it was such a thrill. I don’t remember the pricing, but you’re able to do a bunch of different activities including rafting, driving an ATV, zip-lining, and more. The price also includes food and drinks which were actually pretty delicious. Don’t forget to do the picture package, as it takes many pictures of you while you’re doing these activities.

I definitely recommend going to Cancun for a bachelorette party!

What’s your favorite place to visit for a bachelorette party?



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