How Charming!

I’ve always wanted to have a charm bracelet, but I never took the time to collect charms for them. When I saw the Disney Princess theme charms from Pandora, I decided I want to create a special Disney theme bracelet. Plus, I like that the Pandora Charm bracelet doesn’t comprise completely of dangle charms.

Currently, select Pandora stores are hosting presales for their bi-annual bracelet event. When you spend $100, you will receiveĀ  a free Pandora bracelet (valued at $65) or you can pay the difference and upgrade to a different one. Even better, some stores allow you to receive multiple bracelets for every $100 you spend!

Here’s my favorite bracelet:


Below are some charms on my wishlist:

Cinderella’s Dress

Starry Heart

Pooh in a Honey Pot

Do you currently own a Pandora Charm bracelet?

As always, happy shopping!




One thought on “How Charming!

  1. I own that bracelet and the heart clasp is so pretty – it looks like an extra charm when it sits with other charms on the band. Another bracelet you might like for an all-Disney theme is the new Disney Mickey Moments bracelet.

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